Silona Bonewald silona at
Wed Mar 20 14:09:06 PST 1996

>Is anyone interested in sharing room costs and driving costs for Known 
>World A&S symposium?   

Well I don't know that I can help you with driving costs since I'm coming
from FL (though I might be able to pick up someone on my way through
Houston), but I would be _very_ interested in sharing room costs with you or
anyone else.  I'm the only one coming from my barony, and since KWA&S is
opposite Meridian coronation, I could end up being the only one from my
kingdom as well.  I'll be at Gulf Wars if anyone would like to discuss
rooming with me face-to-face, though over-the-net arrangements are fine too.

Arenal, Meridies
hhoffman at

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