ATTN: Branch heralds of the Central Region of Ansteorra

Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at
Fri Mar 8 02:17:01 PST 1996

Forgive the duplication; this message is being cross-posted to both 
the Ansteorran Herald's List as well as the general Ansteorra list.

Will any and all branch heralds of groups in the Central Region of 
Ansteorra please send me a short email with any and all email 
addresses you have?

Ld. Archibald would like to communicate with as many of you as 
possible via the Internet.

Please send your email to:

jkubenka at 
jkubenka at

My thanks,

Emher ni Maille, acting as scribe for her husband, Ld Archibald 
Wynterbourne, Eclipse Herald

Jennifer D. Kubenka
Series Authority/Monographs Cataloger
Fondren Library
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas

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