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Here are the SCA INC, INFO-SOURCES and WEDDINGS sections of my SCA Rialto
Also a small listing of some files I have gotten off the Web.

This is the last of my file list. I hope it has proved useful or interesting 
to some of you. I appreciate the patience of the others to whom this holds
little interest.

Those who have Web access can find these files at:
  or the new location:

I can also send these by email or on disk. If you request files be
sent this way, please specify whether you wish text or Word format.
Word format gets you the original formatting and fonts, but you will
need a word processor that understands this format to read them. Other
formats are possible such as Word Perfect.

Stefan li Rous    Barony of Bryn Gwlad
(512)892-0036     markh at

The file size is in bytes with about 3K bytes per page.

autocrats-msg     (44K)  9/21/93    Suggestions for autocrats.
banishment-msg    (14K)  2/23/95    Types of banishment. tales of banishment.
corpora          (131K) 10/28/94    SCA Corpora, 1992 version.
corpora-early     (99K)  3/31/95    Early SCA Corpora and bylaws. 1972-74.
crown-cost-msg    (18K)  2/21/96    The monetary cost of being a crown 
                                      in the SCA.
feasts-free-msg   (14K) 11/11/94    Who gets in free to feasts.
demos-msg         (23K)  3/ 2/95    Ideas on giving demos for the public.
event-pricing-msg (14K)  1/19/96    Event pricing, reservations.
fundraising-msg   (27K) 10/13/95    Fundraising ideas for SCA groups.
households-msg    (23K)  7/26/94    Comments on households in the SCA.
Grand-Council-msg  (9K)  2/27/95    Status of the SCA Grand Council.
KW1-lst           (36K) 11/29/93    List of SCA groups by kingdom.
KW2-lst           (54K) 11/29/93    List of SCA groups by mundane location.
recruitment-msg   (23K)  3/30/95    Recruitment ideas. bringing in new
SCA-computer-msg  (18K)  2/15/94    The new SCA computer system and database.
SCA-database-msg   (5K)  2/14/95    The SCA membership database.
SCAguests-msg     (18K) 11/ 7/95    Thoughts on handling visitors and
                                       royalty from other medieval groups.
SCA-insurance-msg (23K) 12/20/95    Clarifications on the SCA's insurance.
SCA-land-msg      (23K) 11/17/95    SCA owned land ideas, West Land Fund.
SCA-meetings-msg   (9K) 11/ 7/94    How SCA meetings are held around the KW>
SCA-religion.msg   (8K)  9/ 2/94    Thoughts on religion within the SCA.
SCAphoneline-msg  (12K)  8/20/91    Comments on SCA chapters having phone
SCA-PR-msg        (18K) 10/12/95    Public relations ideas, handling the
SCA-pub-msg        (9K)  1/ 9/95    SCA publication policies.
travel-funds-msg   (9K) 10/31/94    Kingdom travel funds.


Arthur-bib        (66K)  1/10/93    Bibliography on King Arthur.
bibliog-msg       (50K)  7/28/94    General medieval bibliographies.
books-lst        (257K)             Book reviews.
books2-msg        (89K) 12/ 7/93    More book reviews.
CA-index-lst      (14K)  4/18/95    Index to the Compleat Anachronist series.
CD-ROMs-msg       (14K)  8/23/95    CD-ROMs of interest. reviews of CD-ROMs.
Celtic-cat        (18K)  2/16/94    Celtic Cultures catalog.
FTP-bransle.msg    (6K)  1/26/94    SCA files at
FTP-msg           (63K)  2/21/95    FTP sites which have SCA files.
FTP-recipes.msg    (5K)  4/11/94    FTP site for medieval recipes.
info-sources.msg  (27K) 11/17/95    Non-book info. sources, libraries.
Iceland-bib        (5K)  4/21/95    Bibliography on Iceland.
Islamic-bib        (9K) 11/11/94    Bibliography on Islamic cultures.
leather-bib       (18K) 11/ 1/94    Bibliography on leather and leather
maps-msg           (8K)  3/ 7/94    Sources for old maps.
Pikestaff-msg      (6K)  3/28/94    Contents of 93 A&S issue. Address to
                                      order this and past issues.
publications-msg  (50K)  2/23/95    Reviews of journals and other booklets.
Russia-bib         (8K)  7/20/94    Bibliography on Russian history.
SCA-library-lst   (23K)  1/12/96    List of articles available through the
timeline-art       27K)  4/17/95    Timeline of technology advances.
videos-msg        (14K) 11/30/95    Medieval tutorial films.
WS-bib            (23K) 10/ 5/95    Woman's Studies bibliography.
WWW-msg           (99K)  7/24/95    SCA oriented World-Wide-Web sites.


wed-clothing-FAQ  (18K) 10/25/95    Clothing ideas for medieval/ren.
wed-dec-FAQ       (14K) 10/31/95    Decoration ideas for medieval/ren.
wed-flwrs-FAQ      (9K) 11/ 2/95    Using flowers for medieval/ren. weddings.
wed-sites-FAQ     (14K)  9/21/95    Site ideas for medieval/ren. weddings.
wed-WWW-FAQ        (9K) 11/ 3/95    WWW sites useful for medieval/ren
weddings-msg     (122K)  1/ 5/96    Period and SCA weddings.
weddings-e-art    (23K)  5/ 9/94    A Elizabethan wedding ceremony
                                      from various sources.


Articles off the World Wide Web (WWW)
cl-Elizab-art.wrd  (9K)  5/25/95    Elizabethan Clothing article written for
                                        Ren Fair.
Das-buch-art      (32K)  5/12/95    Review of Das buch von guter spise. Early
                                          German cookbook w. recipes.
Das-buch-man     (105K)  5/16/95    Manuscript of Das buch von guter spise.
EK-r-rules-art    (23K)  6/30/95    East Kingdom rapier rules.
forks-art         (18K)  3/27/95    Article on The History of the Fork.
med-prices-art    (36K)  6/ 2/95    Listing of medieval prices.
peasant-bib        (5K)  5/16/95    Bibliography on medieval peasants.
piquet-art         (9K)  5/16/95    A renaissance card game.

<the end>

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