interpreting the Morgan and Morgan Welsh Surnames book

Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at
Wed Mar 13 04:51:28 PST 1996

Hi, all.

I posted this to the Ansteorran Herald's list several days ago, but I 
haven't seen it, nor have I seen any replies, so I thought that I 
would try here.

My lord husband Archibald and myself have just acquired a copy of the 
Morgan and Morgan Welsh Surnames book.  We were looking under the 
entry for "Maredudd," on p. 160-something or another, and we find:

B15. 43(or some other number) AS 1406.

Okay, from the list of abbreviations, I gather that the B stands for 
Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, and that the 15 is probably 
a volume number, and the 43 is a page number.  What is the AS?  I can 
find no reference to what this abbreviation stands for anywhere?

We would like to believe that the 1406 is indeed a date, which is how 
we have been interpreting it, but we would really like to know what 
the AS stands for.

This is only one instance out of many.

Any help will be much appreciated, as we have many new people 
interested in name and device research, and we do not want to steer 
them down the wrong path.

In the interest of learning something herself,

Emher ni Maille

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