Gulf War, Event reports?

Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at
Wed Mar 20 05:58:10 PST 1996

On 20 Mar 96 at 10:57, Hugh Niewoehner wrote:

> OK folks, the other lists are crawling with great event reports
> about the event.  Where are the Ansteorran bards and braggarts? :-)
>                Damon

Drying out soaked tents? Doing umpteen loads of laundry? Repairing 
armour, clothing, boxes, etc.?

Trying to catch up on sleep?

It was, however, alot of fun.  Most things ran on time, even.  Courts 
started almost promptly at the time they were scheduled in the event 
book; at least, the Ansteorran court on Friday night did, and the BIG 
GRAND Court on Saturday did.  And the Grand Court was a mighty 
impressive show of Royalty, I might add....


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