Gulf War

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Wed Mar 20 14:10:51 PST 1996

This is an excerpt concerning Gulf War from my Quarterly reports to The
Chirurgeon General and the Crown.
>Greetings and Salutations from Lady Zahra Zena Theanos, 
>Kingdom Chirurgeon for Ansteorra.
     At Gulf War, the C.I.C and Kingdom Chirurgeon for Meridies, Lady Morgan
Ceridwen of Crymu, never showed up, and I never heard as to why.  The first
day (Thursday), my Deputy, Lady Ebehardine (Penelope) just jumped in and
took over as C.I.C.  Penelope, Lady Maredudd (also waterbearer for the
Barony of Elfsea), and Lady Adelaide provided support for the populace. I
heard only great things about them, especially Penelope, doing waterbearing,
chirurgeon work, and assisting security. I came on site late Thursday.
>        The second day, (Friday), we held a meeting to determine Chain of
Command, setting up of shifts, and other logistical problems.  Mistress
Bridgett, the Deputy to Lady Morgan, took over as site C.I.C, with me being
next, and Penelope after me.  There were also problems as the Waterbearers
were not at all organized on Friday. By the end of the afternoon, though,
and with the help of the Ansteorran waterbearers (Lady Muriella and Lady
Maredudd), things went much more smoothly.  We only had two heat-related
cases that I knew of on Friday and none on Saturday.  Also, by Saturday,
oranges and Gatorade was provided by the autocrat(Do you think there was a
>      On Saturday, we had a meeting to discuss any problems.  The only one
I know of was one over-eager fighter-chirurgeon, who was more interested in
arguing over an injured fighter than in the fighter's injuries.  
        I was in charge of setting up the resurrection points for Ansteorra
and Trimaris.  We left the Meridian waterbearers and Chirurgeons at their
original location to actually deal with any major problems, while running
triage at the resurrection points.  This is where having chirurgeons and
waterbearers cross-trained as marshals really came in handy, as we were so
short on marshals. <Hint, Hint....Next time, we need many nore marshals!!>
>        At the Trimaris point, we had the Ansteorran Kingdom Waterbearer,
Lady Muriella along with Lady Penelope and an Atlantian chirurgeon who went
by "Q".  The Ansteorran point was run by the Barony of Elfsea, with myself
and Lady Adelaide as the chirurgeons, and Lady Maredudd running the
waterbearers. Countess Mikela and Mistress Brianna assisted us as the
marshals.  Even HL Margery de Bray, Baroness of Elfsea, worked to make sure
the fighters were sufficiently hydrated.  We only had two injuries at the
point, one of which Adelaide treated and escorted across the field to the
main trauma center. 

< We did have a fighter get obnoxious and vulgar with the marshal and a
waterbearer, but I was tending a wounded fighter and didn't witness it.
Lady Maredudd reported that she had Sir Barn speak with the man.  There
always has to be one...sigh..>
        It was quite well done, and it made me very proud of our Ansteorran
team - all hard-working, dedicated people.
>        I will not go into detail as to the injuries and illness that we
treated.   The only other real problem that I heard of was a non-warranted
person who called himself a chirurgeon, running out on the field several
times on Saturday morning (when I wasn't there), when the chirurgeon was
called.  I believe that the Marshal-In-Charge was contacted and the person
was given a stiff warning after the second incident.  I will get more
information about the War this weekend during our debriefing.
      The Warranted Chirurgeons and Waterbearers from Ansteorra who worked
at Gulf War were:
>Lady Zahra Zena Theanos -Chir., Water, Marshal
>Lady Eberhardine (Penelope) Swanbricht zu Zell- Chir., Water, Marshal, Security
>Countess Alisha MacLeod - Chir., Marshal
>Lady Adelaide de Ruthhaven - Chir., Water, Marshal, Security
>Lady Maredudd Brangwyn - Water, Chir., Marshal
>Lord Alasdair MacEogan - Water, Marshal 
>Lady Muriella de Clare Fairbourne - Waterbearing (GREAT JOB!!!!)
>And many other volunteers who kept the crowd of over 2000 hydrated, making
our jobs as Chirurgeons nice and boring!!
>In Service to the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the Chirurgeonate,
>        Lady Zahra Zena Theanos

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