Gulf War

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Wed Mar 20 20:36:26 PST 1996

>At first I thought having a chirurgeon attached would pose a problem.  Not
>only would I have to watch out for the fighters but I'd have to worry about
>the chirurgeon as well.  Now I know better.  Having Adelaide close by was a
>blessing.  Should I choose to marshal next year instead of fight I would be
>honoured to be assigned with one of our highly skilled and trained
Thank you, Moriel.  It has been a slow process, but I feel that
(by-and-large) the majority of the current warranted chirurgeons are a sane
and safe group.  We are trying hard to re-build a bad image, one that I saw
first-hand at the war..i.e., attack chirurgeons more interested in disputing
territory than in helping someone, and non-warranted chirurgeons charging
onto the field when they were not called.

<<<Warning...Zena is getting on her soapbox>>>>>>>
The current policy concerning non-warranted persons saying that they are a
chirurgeon is the same as if a non-authorized fighter were to force his way
on the field.  I would have to warn the person, and ask them not to do that
and attempt to educate them as to the process (if they are newbies - it
happens).  If they persisted, I would have to get with the Marshal in Charge
and the autocrat, and ask that stronger measures be taken.
This is NOT the same as when someone who is an EMT, RN,LVN, PT, MD, or other
professional is handling a medical problem and they present themselves as an
EMT, RN, Etc. I have instructed our chirurgeons to alert the professional
and the  victim as to who they are, and ask if they need assistance.  If
not, stand back and take notes, as long as what the professional is doing is
in the best judgement of the victim.
We are not there to be a hindrance, but to be a help.."Above all, do no harm."
I even keep a mental record of the medical professionals in our Kingdom, who
(for whatever reason) choose not to be a chirurgeon, but who will teach and
give advice when asked. 

<<<Zena is stepping off the box - for now!!>>>
We all have a lot to learn, and one of the ways we can learn is from each
other.  I welcome any and all comments, praise, and criticism about our
chirurgeons and waterbearers.  BTW, all chirurgeons are warranted as
"officers at-large" below the pricipality level, per the Chirurgeon General
of the SCA and the Board.  It is not a required office at any other level.
Also, I have no problem with Warranted Chirurgeons holding other offices. 

Thank you for letting me do the soapbox thing,
In Service to the Society and the Chirurgeonate,
Lady Zahra Zena Theanos

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