Gulf Wars V gatecount?

Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at
Wed Mar 20 22:57:13 PST 1996

On 21 Mar 96 at 6:08, Chris and Elisabeth Zakes wrote:

> >Does anyone have any idea how many gentles were at Gulf Wars V?
> >I know they were planning for 2500, but I've not heard how many
> >there actually were. I was hoping it would be mentioned at the
> >Grand Court.
> >   Stefan li Rous
> We stopped by the gate and asked. It was 2010 midafternoon Saturday.
>      -Tivar

Does this mean they passed that mythical number needed to make 
improvements on the site?

Or is that just unfounded rumors I've heard?

Seriously, though, it's a great site, and with some more 
improvements, can be made even better.

Emher, in Dallas, trying to wake up (why is it that later on in the 
week is even worse than the Monday after the war in trying to get up 
and actually be *awake*? Sigh.....)

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