Gulf Wars V gatecount?

Vicki Marsh zarazena at
Thu Mar 21 06:01:21 PST 1996

>Emher, in Dallas, trying to wake up (why is it that later on in the 
>week is even worse than the Monday after the war in trying to get up 
>and actually be *awake*? Sigh.....)

Emher, it's because on Monday, we're still running on adrenalin and the
endorphins we get from having such a GREAT time!!
Then, reality sinks in, and we have to take care of all the details of real, the IRS, etc..Out bodies REALLY complain about being so active
after sitting at a desk all week.
But, the weekend is coming now, and we must prepare for Squire's and
Cadet's...or whatever event we convince ourselves we must go to...and the
urge to get more of that adrenalin and endorphins over-powers our fatigue
and lassisitude....So, we pack, prepare, shop, and drive many hours to do it
once more.
Life is good.


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