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Maureen Martinez Maureen_Martinez at
Thu Mar 21 06:46:05 PST 1996

>>They will provide:  a pike, appropriate period helmet, and red sash.

>>You will provide:  your willing and able self, English Civil War Era
>>costuming appropriate to a common soldier, enthusiasm.

If you are holding out because you are lacking on the ECW clothing, you really 
don't need too much. 

You will be appropriately dressed if you have a pair of breeches (linen or wool 
are best), a white shirt (cotton or linen), stockings, shoes, and a hat.   
--although it appears that a helmet will be supplied, so perhaps all you need is
an arming cap.  Most men would have had doublets of some kind, but for a faire 
like this, I am sure they would let that pass.

Even  middle to lower class Elizabethan styles could pass for ECW soldiers gear.
(Skip the ruff though)

The "Cavalier" boots would have been worn by officers and horsemen, so really 
were not appropriate for common foot soldiers.

Should be alot of fun!


Jenny Winslow
MKA Maureen Martinez

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