squire's and cadet's

steffy sjg6441 at tam2000.tamu.edu
Thu Mar 21 08:03:17 PST 1996

>If for nothing else than to see some of my friends, who do not dance 
>as a general rule, learning to do a dance.
>Am I mistaken in that Heart's Ease is for couples or groups of 

Heart's Ease is an English Country Dance done with 2 couples (4 people)
facing each other, the lady on the lord's right. (The woman is always right
. . . )

>When they teach this dance, at Squire's and Cadet's, will it be open 
>to just the squires and cadets, or will everybody be allowed to join 
>in and learn it?

Since everyone is invited to participate, I am sure that every one is
invited to learn.  
If nothing else, a large portion of the Gate's Edge dance guild and myself
(Shadowlands dance principal) will be there, and there will be musicians, so
anyone can seek us out and pick our brains for knowledge.

>Emher, in Dallas, having had a second cuppa coffee, is feeling more 
>like her cheery self

good idea . . . 

Mergriet van Edelare 
(in College Station, trying to convince herself to write a paper)

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