Gulf War, Event reports?

Katherine Roberts ROBERTK at APCIS1.TAMU.EDU
Thu Mar 21 10:23:54 PST 1996

On 21 Mar 96 at 0:53, Todd Marsh wrote:

> In A&S, Master Leonitas won, with HL Margaret Pierce second.  Master Robin
> of Gilwell won the bardic competition with his Cantebury tale.  I believe
> that Trimaris won Archery, knife ax and spear which they call "Live
> Weapons", and  Equestrian.  

     Don't forget the other Ansteorrans that did well in A&S.  Not 
only did HL Leonitis win his category, Durable Goods, and Master 
Robin in Performing Arts, but Her Excellency Charla Noel du Lac won 
the Fine Arts category, I won the Cloth and Fiber Arts category, 
Lord Avatar of Catsprey for his Period Insturmental performance, and 
HL Margaret Pierce was awarded the Trimaran Queen's Acclaim.  I think 
Ansteorra had an excellent showing in the Arts and Sciences.  Vivat!

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