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Vicki Marsh zarazena at
Wed May 1 17:57:23 PDT 1996

>Is there no kingdom-wide AoA level service award then?  Calontir, being a 
>young kingdom, doesn't have that sort of restriction on the Torse, which 
>is our AoA level service award.

Yes, Kateryn, we have a Sable Crane.  The Sable Comet was to be like a
Baronial Service award, but for people who supported a shire through their

I have been thinking about the question concerning awards and recognition.
While I have been fortunate to receive several AOA level service and arts
awards, the most special one I received was a Principality Award that
carried no rank.  I was the last person to be inducted into the Order of the
Madonnas of Ansteorra, before the Order was closed forever.  At the time,
other than Princess Katerina who was the Principal of the Order, I was the
only person in the Order that did not have their own child or children.  It
was for the work that I did with Simon and Tessa's children, along with many
others, that I received this award.

This was also way before we had the Ministry of Children. 

I have watched these children grow, and I have suffered the loss of these
children.  But I like to think that I made their experiences in the Society
happy and safe ones.

The recognition that has meant the most to me has not been done in court,
but in Word Fame from my friends throughout the Kingdom.  This will always
mean more to me than any piece of jewelry that tarnishes or a scroll that
will yellow with age.  

Lady Zahra Zena Theanos

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