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Dia duit!

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 "RP> Is there no kingdom-wide AoA level service award then?  Calontir,
 "RP> being a  young kingdom, doesn't have that sort of restriction on the
 "RP> Torse, which  is our AoA level service award.

 "RP> Interesting....

The following awards are given in Ansteorra for service and carry an Award of

- King's Gauntlet of Ansteorra & Queen's Glove of Ansteorra - given for service
to the person of a particular King or Queen.

- Award of the Sable Crane of Ansteorra - given for service to the Kingdom

- Ansteorran Baronial Service Orders - each Barony has an Order for service to
that Barony

- Award of the Sable Comet - given for service to a particular Branch smaller
than a Barony

- Award of the Compass Rose - given for service to the children of Ansteorra

- Award of Arms - given by the Crown for any reason whatsoever, including any
sort of service

The Gauntlet, Glove, and Comet can all be given to an individual more than
once.  And, of course, an individual can be admitted to the Service Orders of
multiple Baronies.

All of these are "Kingdom-wide".  They merely recognize different sorts of

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