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> I noticed in this month's BL that there is a waiver for minors. Is the problem actually running 
> rampant at our events? Has anyone actually thrown a minor out of an event because they were  
> drunk? Has anyone actually been refused entry to an event because no waiver was given? I ask 
> because some of you may have heard that a Doctor here in Dallas was arrested for knowingly 
> holding a party where she did not furnish alcohol to minors but that drinking would be 
> occurring. She had no waivers or written policy to enforce. She only took their keys at the 
> door as they came in. The news was not clear as to the actual charges. Two networks read off 
> different kinds. Are we likely to be next?
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Any time I have helped with troll there has been a waiver for minors, but 
I am out of kingdom, so I may not count.

Mundanely, I have been involved with music in the schools, and have 
become a music teacher.  A waiver is normal to prevent just that sort of 
occurence from happening, we hope.  We usually use a big one at 
the beginning of the year.  This system would be dreadfully 
impractical for the Society, however. Hopefully, though, we of the Society 
will stand up to our ideals of conduct, et. al and the waivers will lie 
unused in someone's records.

Lady Kateryn Heathrydge

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