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Aodhan Ite an Fhithich aodhan at dobharchu.org
Sun May 5 16:01:18 PDT 1996

Dia duit!

 [Replying to a message of Greg Rose to All]

 GR> And here I just thought there were orthographic variants in the
 GR> manuscripts :-).  

I presume you are responding to my post.

Primus:  Newsletters and maillists are quite clearly part of the 20th century
side of the game and one would expect them to adhere to 20th century standards.
 I would think modern technology had done in orthographic variants.

Secundus:  Since most branches have to travel through one of the outer rings of
hell in getting a form of their name acceptable to both themselves and the
College of Arms, I would expect that they would be loath to have any other form
of their name used.  

slan go foill,


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