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>Dia duit!
> [Replying to a message of MstrssMara at aol.com to All]
> M> Let me butt in here........
> >>> KE> Just a joke, your excellency. A freindly poke in the ribs. Didn't
> >>> mean 
> KE>>> to offend.
> >> But, what did it mean?  Care to explain it?  Aodhan
> M> I don't think Kein *meant* anything by the statment.  
>Every statement has meaning.  That's what words are for.
> M> And he already
> M> explained it and told you what he meant, it was a *joke*.  
>Unless he posted some explanation (which hasn't reached my site) other than
>what is quoted above, he *hasn't* explained it, he's merely appologized for
> His words carry no meaning for me.  If it *is* a joke, I don't get it.  I
>suspect, however, that *I* will not consider it funny once it is explained
> M> Whats wrong
> M> with laughing at ourselves?  I think we need to do more of it. 
>Perhaps so.  But if the "joke" is not understandable, then it fails in its
>mission, no?
>What do *you* think he meant, since you seem to "get" the "joke"?

Chill!  A joke is a joke.
Did someone micturate in someone's breakfast cereal?
(And I bet you thought big words were reserved for Laurels...or should I say
*retained* for their use)


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