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Mon May 6 22:59:44 PDT 1996

>Dia duit!
> [Replying to a message of MstrssMara at to All]
> M> Let me butt in here........
> >>> KE> Just a joke, your excellency. A freindly poke in the ribs. Didn't
> >>> mean
> KE>>> to offend.
> >> But, what did it mean?  Care to explain it?  Aodhan
> M> I don't think Kein *meant* anything by the statment.
>Every statement has meaning.  That's what words are for.
> M> And he already
> M> explained it and told you what he meant, it was a *joke*.
>Unless he posted some explanation (which hasn't reached my site) other than
>what is quoted above, he *hasn't* explained it, he's merely appologized for
> His words carry no meaning for me.  If it *is* a joke, I don't get it.  I
>suspect, however, that *I* will not consider it funny once it is explained
> M> Whats wrong
> M> with laughing at ourselves?  I think we need to do more of it.
>Perhaps so.  But if the "joke" is not understandable, then it fails in its
>mission, no?
>What do *you* think he meant, since you seem to "get" the "joke"?

  Why are you asking what the joke means if you've already decided that it
is offensive and not ammusing?  It is a very simple joke about peers and
their ever enlarging waistlines.  It was meant in fun and taken that way by
everyone but you.  Lighten up and get a life.

The Humor Police

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