Call for Merchants

Ches at Ches at
Mon May 13 10:02:32 PDT 1996


I am running a non SCA event Memorial Day Weekend and am looking for Merchants 
to attend. We are currently debating whether or not we will be charging for 
booth space. Probably not. It is the First Coronation of a New Amtgard Kingdom 
formed in the Houston/Bryan area. It is opposite a large SCA event (sorry, we 
always try to avoid these things) and another amtgard event the so numbers 
will be small. 200+. So far there are only two merchants attending and, well, 
monopoly of our money is just not a cool thing..... We need competition for 
these two. One sells leather, very good stuff. The other sells books, second 
hand garb, and over prices snacks. If there are any merchants that do not mind 
coming to a small event that may be local to you (Bryan Texas) please email me 
with your or anyone elses info and I will contact you via email or phone asap.

Ciao   @}\
Ches @}----`--,-- 


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