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Mairi sionnach at io.com
Mon May 13 09:26:50 PDT 1996

On Mon, 13 May 1996 dentim at mail.myriad.net wrote:

> Greetings good Gentles,
> I raise a hearty toast to those who held Whitsun Faire! (Vivat!) I( and
> *all* my brother fighters I have spoken with) enjoyed myself immensly! Honor
> and courtesy ruled the both on and off the field. I hope there are plans to
> hold it next Whitsunday! 

	Allow me to add my voice to this praise. Vivat to all who 
autocratted, marshalled, and cooked! This was my very first tournament to 
fight in, (and after only about a month or so of training I can tell you I 
was rather nervous) and it was a *wonderful* way to start. 

> I would very much like to see other tourneys held in this fashion, with all
> the fighting you can stomach. (after all no one likes to drive 3 hrs to be
> eliminated in the first round!)

> Tymo

	I heartily agree with Tymo. I really enjoyed the melee tourney
because I had far more opportunity to remain alive and learn from the
honored knights and squires present than I would have in just a simple one
on one tournament, in which my career at this point would have consisted
of "Lay on!" <THWACK>. The melee style was great fun (another vivat to my
teacher Lord Mordraut) and I would love it if more events did this. 

	Fionnghal nighean Tormod Ruaidh mhic Leoid
	mka Mairi Macleod Reyer

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