Seeking information

James D. Logan or Jane Sitton-Logan hammer at
Mon May 27 21:04:01 PDT 1996

Greetings, Estrill, from Madeleine de Lindsay!

#1.  Countess Regina Gunnvor Morningstar  (of House Morningstar)

#2.  Countess Anora Frayne of Windward

#3.  don't know

#4.  I have info only up to 15th-- putting Patrick Michael and Julia on 
the throne last in January of '92.  But I'm not sure that was the last 
time.  It seems like they were K&Q about a year or so ago, but I could be 
wrong.  I've had a baby in the last year, and I'm suffering from that 
form of forgetfulness that nursing mothers experience.

Perhaps someone else can help?

Happy hunting.  --Madeleine

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