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>My apoligies to anyone who already recieved this missive but I would like to

>know from you all if any one else has found any documentation supporting the

>tankard hanging off the belt.....

   Newbie Alert!!!   When I started a couple of months ago, I was very
worried about doing something that was not period... I have come to the point
where I do not allow myself any non-period supplies at an event (save
eyeglasses) and I become my persona to the best of my ability. (Either the
First Mate on the Catherine, or a loose cannon in search of someone who needs
more fighters and has money, depending on which time period I'm playing) 

   I remember wondering whether or not it was period to wear my doublet
unbottoned. Well, I figger, If I was living in period, and it was as hot as
it was, I would unbotton my doublet. And that was all the documentation I
needed. (I did ask around, but I was HOT...) If I had the tools and materials
to make something to hold a mug or something from my belt I would do it.

   I understand the need for documentation, but I have sensed what I feel (in
my newbie opinion) is a more serious problem. This is the Society for
CREATIVE Anachronism. What I have seen at events lately (and I too am guilty
as charged) is several walking around talking about the football game. If I
could make a request to all in Ansteorra (and I'm probably going to get fried
for this) to watch how we speak and try to bring back the ambiance that we
once had. (I played briefly five years ago). A lot of us are people walking
around in funny clothing looking for a party.

   I apologize if I have offended anyone, but I don't know how to fix this
situation I see as a problem. I am looking for help, suggestions, feelings,
anything. (Or you can tell me to sit down, shut up, and color)

Doing the best I can with what little I know,
William the Warthog

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