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maddie teller-kook meadhbh at io.com
Thu Oct 3 12:26:04 PDT 1996

Michael Gunter wrote:
> Gunnora...Gunnora....
> So sensitive!  Don't you see that I wasn't considering Laurels as
> second-class?  I was using Laurels as the premier.  For example I could say
> "There were a lot of fighters there, even some Dukes!".  Dukes are not only
> fighters but the best there are.  My statement of Laurels separate from other
> Peers makes them stand out as the fine example of stuffiness they are.  Not a
> denigration but an elevation and celebration!
> Remember Laurels are stuffy and nit-picky, Knights are fat and stupid, and
> Pelicans....well....who knows?
> I certainly hope this clears things up and smooths any ruffled leaves out
> there.
> Yers,
> Gunthar


That is some pretty impressive back-peddling.  Have you thought of going
into politics??  be afraid....be very afraid....

Mistress Meadhbh
Another Laurel that doesn't consider herself a second class peer!

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