Rude Slayings

Casey Weed nextristan at
Sun Oct 6 20:23:25 PDT 1996

Sir Lyonel wrote:
>Essentially I want to ask just this:  killing from behind--yea or nay?  And
>why or why not?

In melee, yea- a must for realism as well as being safer than many of the
alternatives; how many of you have tapped someone on the shoulder to get
that oh -so-essential eye contact and recieved 'contact' of a completely
different sort- namely, a stout spinning *whack* on the grill... or worse.

Some are going to make great rumbling noises- although that may just just be
the sausages- about honor. Good point, and i tip my cap before that blow is
landed. My reply is, of course, "War is for testing ones wits and ones sword
arm, while tournament is for testing ones honor and ones sword arm." 

In addition, let me leave you with this:
Which is less honorable, killing an enemy from behind in a time of war, or
the 'call-a-mans-attention-and-whack-him' mentality that _not_ allowing
kills from behind breeds? 

Casey and Coni-

Marriges are forged in Heaven... as are thunder and lightening.

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