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Tue Oct 8 07:35:01 PDT 1996


 (statement about Artemisia becoming a principality snipped)

 Mst. Aquilanne stated...

>Of course we had a choice.  No one forced us into being a Principality.
>Believe it or not, it was our very own idea. And this, in spite of having
>been "dumped."  We had our nay-sayers, too.  And for its "folly," Artemisia
>has grown, it has grown richer, it has grown stronger, and has grown into a
>more and more enjoyable place to play.

        I belive that is the biggest problem with this current situation.
This whole proposal came from up on High. This was not the populace's idea!
This is not what the populace wants!
        I truly belive that in ten years or so we *will* have a principality
in this kingdom, but not until the PEOPLE get together and decide that it is
right for them.  THe good gentles of Ravensmarchland or BjornsGwladia or
Weisnstepps  (or wherever the PEOPLE decide to draw the line) will know when
the time is right!


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