Baufer weapons/Children's Activities

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Tue Oct 8 15:28:07 PDT 1996

      On the subject stated about injury in sport related incidents.  I was a
sports trainer in high school and the injury and death of athletes was more
common due to the high impact of athletes.  Baufer weapon fighting should not
require any high impact collisions of two participants.  On the use of PVC
pipe, if it is properly covered (Adult crafted for protection of the ends)
and is of a small diameter to bend, could be used.  At most of the events
that I have been to the children that watch the fighting are watching in awe.
 We need to find something to give these children something to feed this
hunger to learn of fighting.  Remember, they are our future Kings & Queens to
lead us in later life.  Sorry if I made people made with my opinion, but is
my opinion that I answer for.

Till next time,
Robert "Croaker" Carmichael

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