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Greetings all again,

Thanks for the responses so far.  Some really good ideas and points were
brought up by you.  Another question, why was baufer fighting for children
outlawed in this Kingdom?  That probably would be important to know, so that
I could see about addressing that point.  

The collapsible lances sound like a great idea, and if you don't mind, I'd
like to use it as I write this little thought up and submit it to whoever it
is that I'm supposed to submit it to.  I've seen the lances at various stores
(in fact my son had one, but that was pre-SCA for us).  Wooden horses
wouldn't be that hard to make.  At Horses Brasle (this last weekend) the
adult fighters must fight the list upon their "horse."  Makes for some really
entertaining bouts.  A member of our Barony won the prize for killing the
most horses (which is not the prize to aim for) and will try valiantly to
lose the prize next year.

Thank you for the spelling on the tape.  Shows you what a dip I can be at
times....ah well.  Two inch diameter was one that I came up with.  I was
thinking that this could allow enough foam for safety for the kids.  Plus, if
I remember right, the younger the child, the less fine motor skills they
have.  Using a bigger weapon might help those young ones out.   For armor,
well, when we fight with baufer in my backyard, no one wears armor true, but
that is on me and my family.  Sadly, in this day of law suits and what have
you, in the public arena (ie: events) something more would need to be done, I
think.  Especially head protection and for the groin.  I could tell you a
story of baufer and groin, but not all would find it humorous (he didn't when
it happened).  How do I get a hold of the fantasy group that does use baufer
weapons?  Their rules and requirements would be helpful in figuring this out.

Thank you for posting the ruling from the Participants Handbook.  I was
thinking of PVC for the handles of weapons only, not for the weapons
themselves.  Garden hose was suggested instead.  If this could provide the
stability needed for handles, I think it would be great.  I ought to make one
like that and see.

As far as parents at the field when their child is fighting.  Again, I was
thinking of the age of law suits.  Valid points were made as to a child not
being able to participate because of a parent not being able to be at the
field.  Maybe the idea of drills is one that I need to look into further.
 Maybe fighting could be reserved for children of a age (say 12 and up) and
the younger ones could drill.  Just thoughts. 

It is sad that there are people out there who feel they can't play this game
because of lack ot things for their children to participate in.  It is sad
that we can't get enough people to voulinteer to help, or even come up with
ideas, for the children.  This is just one thing that I have been thinking on
because my child wants to fight.  He hears us talk of honor and chivilary
upon the field.  He watches the fighting and feels the rush as if he were a
fighter himself.  He went to Gulf Wars V with us and saw the battles.  At the
movie Braveheart, he squirmed in his seat, cheered, roared and talked of
bringing heads home for his mother (yeah, we're Celts).  He wants to
participate in what is a large aspect of the SCA, and I want to help him.  My
son, like many of us, has the romantic idea of the shinning knight fighting
for the honor and glory of a lady or idea.  He wants a part of it.  Oh my,
I'm rambling, sorry.  

Thanks for your response so far.  Your ideas will be read and discussed by
myself, my son and our friends.  Please let me know more of how you feel.

Lady Catrin Mac Cracken

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