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maddie teller-kook meadhbh at io.com
Wed Oct 9 15:01:53 PDT 1996

dennis guy grace wrote:

> Beg pardon, Lord Michael, but a few of us do not share your view on this
> matter.  While I can agree that much of the discourse on this issue has been
> rhetorically flawed, I still felt it had both substance and worth. 
 Had the
> principality thread not begun, my lady and I would not have been enticed
> back into activity.

I am glad you and your lady have become active.  I am looking forward to
meeting the both of you soon!

  Moreover, even in the disagreements on this issue, I
> believe I have found some new friends.
> Disagreements are a natural and healthy outgrowth of discourse.  We all need
> to remember that a response criticizing the logic and rhetoric of a posting
> DOES NOT address the character of the author.  If, for example, any of the
> postings in response to my input to the principality discussion were in any
> way mean spirited or bitter, I am unaware of these sentiments.  To my
> recollection, everyone posting on this matter behaved most honorably and in
> accordance with what they perceived to be the Kingdom's best interests.

I think many of us can 'agree to disagree'.  Having different
perspectives on an issue just makes life more interesting.  Just think
how boring this all would have been if we all agreed on one side of the
discussion or the other.

> As for new people seeing these postings; I believe they would probably
> notice that we were discussing a matter relavent to the growth and health of
> our kingdom.  Why should we be ashamed of our enlightened self-interest?

I agree here as well.  None of the postings were rude.  It shows that
many of us can have opposing views but still work together for the
betterment of the kingdom and the society.  A good lesson for a newcomer
to learn.

In service to the Barony, Kingdom and the Crown,

Mistress Meadhbh

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