Martial Guidance

Paul T. Mitchell pmitchel at
Fri Oct 11 16:30:45 PDT 1996

dennis guy grace wrote:
> Greetings and Gesticulations, Cousins,
> Does anyone know of an on-line source for the SCA Marshall's Handbook or SCA
> Marshall Rules or whatever that giant paper monster was called? (Can't even
> remember who I loaned my last copy to.) Same question on the Ansteorra
> Marshallate guidelines, rules, Fighter's Handbook, or whatever the
> Ansteorran Marshall's body of regulations is titled.  If the latter text is
> not available on-line, what's the quickest, least expensive way to acquire a
> copy?
> Muchas Gracias
> Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
> Dennis G. Grace
> Postmodern Medievalist
> Assistant Instructor
> Division of Rhetoric and Composition
> University of Texas at Austin
> For every wight that lovede chivalrye
> And wolde, his thankes, han a passant name,
> Hath preyed that he myghte been of that game.
>                 --Jeff Chaucer's Knight (obviously describing the SCA)
> The Ansteorran Combat Participant's Handbook is available on-line via thanks to Lord 

- Galen

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