subscribing and unsubscribing

Richard Bainter pug at
Sat Oct 12 11:42:10 PDT 1996

> How does a good gentle gracefully disentangle themself from this
> overwhelming inundation of delightful but all too overwhelming mailing
> list?

Read more often. *smile*

> I seem to have lost any directions I might have once had for messaging
> the server of this list.

I'm going to be putting together a better list of how to do mailing
lists, but for the short of it, you can either just unsubscribe, or
subscribe to the digest (same content, but fewer, larger messages). To
do these, you send the following, respectively, to majordomo at

unsubscribe ansteorra


unsubscribe ansteorra
subscribe ansteorra-digest

I hope that helps.


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