Plastic Gauntlets

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>Lyonel here again.  
>At 12:07 PM 10/14/96 -0500, Gnith wrote:
>Well, this will probably generate a number of disagreements, but I 
>recommend that you NOT use lightweight materials such as plastic, 
>or aluminum for your gauntlets.  I know it's not against the rules, 
>but I
>wish it were.  As with your helmet, part of the protection afforded by
>gauntlets rests in their ability to absorb momentum--i.e., their mass. 
> With
>gauntlets, to a certain degree, mass is good.
>I got into a huge argument over this with Viscount Sir Aveloc the 
>currently residing in An Tir a few years back.  He claimed to have 
>using his leather gauntlets for X number of years without injury and
>suggested that my conjectures were insulting.  Not long after that, he 
>his hands broken in an Artemisian coronet list.  Now he uses steel.
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OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH!!!   those of us that learned with welders gloves
and crossguards (no basket hilts) know the true meaning of PAIN.   I have
many broken fingers.  Big deal!    It hurt less than the Rodeo bulls I
was riding previously.    
   Sir Robert

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