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>>Greetings all,
>>Any news from Namron Protectorate?  Who won?  Any cool awards?  (I heard
>>that Finnagin, the Kingdom Bard, received an Iris of Merit - Vivat). How was
>>the fighting - Rapier and Chivalric?
>>Thank you,
>>Baroness Zara Zena

The twentieth Protector is Earl Kein MacEwan who defeated Sir Gunthar in
the finals.  The Rapier was taken by Stephen Hawkins in the last round, he
took Brandon who had not lost a round all morning.  I'll get back to you 
with the rest after tonights populace meeting.  I'm so bad with names.
I can tell you that it was a lively court since the Brotherhood of Brewers
and Vintners managed to get almost the whole encampment, including the
crown and baron royal smashed.  Lord Finnagin did a masterful telling of
the 20 years of Namron history, alternately having people laughing and
crying.  It was a fantastic weekend.  Sorry all of you could not have

Beith O'Dunlaing
Deputy Seneschal, Namron

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