Ansteorra history

Chris and Elisabeth Zakes moondrgn at
Thu Oct 17 04:27:58 PDT 1996

>Good Gentles,
>Does anyone know what the official birthdate of Ansteorra is? Month 
>and day? 
>If anyone knows please let me know or lead me to someone who might 
>Thank you in advance.
>Grace and Peace,
>Jovian Skleros
>Scot Eddy
I suppose that depends on what you want to consider "official". 

The Texas area of Atenveldt first started organizing into a region at a
King's College in Bjornsborg in March of 1977. 

We held our first Coronet list at the second Tournament of the Queen's
Grace, Thanksgiving weekend, 1977 ("Queen's Nice" for those with *really*
long memories.)

It was announced that we could "go kingdom" at the Tournament of Chivalry,
March 10, 1979. Our first Crown Tournament was on May 12th of that year. We
had *two* coronations, Jonathan's was June 17th, Willow's was a couple of
weeks later (a weirdness caused by mundane scheduling conflicts.)

     -Tivar Moondragon
(Mastadon and fossil <G>)

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