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>>OK, so I've started wearing my first greatkilt to ren faires & such ... I'm
>>doing OK with the actual pleating & wearing part. However, I've got one
>>Should I hem the edge of the cloth so I don't get little wooly threads
>>hanging everywhere?

Another edge-finishing technique was fringing, where one ravels the edges so
that the dangling threads are a uniform length doen the whole edge.  A nice,
finished fringe uses knotting to prevent further ravelling... you grab 5-8
threads (or however many looks good) and tie an overhand knot so that the
knot sits right down next to the fabric, then repeat all the way down the
ravelled edge.

I don't know if men's kilts did this or not, but I've seen women's drapes
that were finished this way.  It's a lot of work ravelling the edges, but
most of the people I've spoken to who have done it sit and pick at the edges
while they're wearing the garment (usualloy at several events) until the
edge is sufficiently ravelled, then they usually put in all the knotting at
one time. 


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