Ansteopality Revisited

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at
Sun Oct 20 08:55:15 PDT 1996

Gunnora Hallakarva wrote:
> Heilsa, All.
<big snip>
>         Sir Lyonel suggested Steorrheort (Star-Heart) as a possible name.

As much as this name fits the looks and sounds similar to
a nasty medical conditoin (sorry Lyonel...its my medical background that
is twitching--grin).  the condition i am referring to is steatorrhea.
> Mari, Chieftess in Bjornsborg, suggested to me today that a great name would
> be Caer Leon:  the central area is the heart of the kingdom, and the Lions
> are the heart of Ansteorra, making the name very appropriate. 

Hmmmm....event tho I am still undecided about this move towards
principality status...i do like the name.  Would Master Leon think we
were naming the region after him???? (grin)

<another big snip>

 (Rather like
> the game some of us play where we cast real-world actors in "Bjornsborg: the
> Movie", the idea is fun, and so is bouncing the ideas around, even if it
> never happens.)

Bjornsborg: The Movie?!?  	will this be the NC-17 version or just a
lowly PG-13?  And WHO gets to play Mari, Ragnar, Moonbear and of course

till the next time,


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