The Principality of Hell

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Gunnora Hallakarva wrote:
> Mari ferch Rathtyen suggested:
> >And besides, if we were going to give the heralds fits over something and
> >take a name from mythology, I have to go with Hell.  Anyone living in
> >south-central Texas knows how appropriate this is.  And think of the
> >great euphemisms!  Our royals could be the Prince and Princess of
> >Darkness, our fighters could be the Legions of Hell.  Peerage circles
> >could be affectionately known as the Infernos...
> Mari, I will say it again.  You are Eeeviiilll!  The mantle of the Evil
> Listress has fallen upon thy shoulders!  I love it.
> Some possible awards given in the Principality of Hell:
> AoA level
> ==========================================
> Arts:  The Award of the Cypress (Cypress being assoicated with death and the
> underworld in Graeco-Roman mythology).  Badge:  a cypress tree.
> Service: The Award of the Flagstone (as in Mari's suggestion recalling that
> the Path to Hell is paved with good intentions).  Badge:  a golden path
> undulating back and forth across the badge ending with flames in base.
> Chivalric Combat:  The Award of the Furies.  (The Roman spirits who exacted
> vengeance) Badge: a woman with wings of flame.
> Rapier Combat: The Award of the Saber of Shaitan.  Badge: a saber fesswise
> with a blade of flame.
> Target Archery: The Award of the Flaming Arrow.  Badge:  an arrow with a
> ball of flame replacing the head.
> Combat Archery: The Award of the Brimstone Bow.  Badge: a flaming bow.
> Servcice to the Coronet:  The Award of the Prince/ess's Pitchfork.  Badge:
> a pitchfork, possibly prodding a hapless vicxtim in the backside.
> Outstanding Service as a Hospitaller or to a New Group:  The Award of the
> Ferryman. (as in Charon, who ferried spirits across the River Styx).  Badge:
> a ferryman poling his boat. Alternate badge:  two golden coins.
> GoA level
> ==========================================
> Arts: Companion to the Order of Persephone.  Badge: a pomegranite (like the
> many seeds of the fruit, the GoA level artist should demonstrate skill in
> several areas).
> Service:  Companion to the Order of Sisyphus (that's the guy in Hades damned
> to endless roll a boulder up a steep hill).  Badge: A boulder balanced atop
> a pile.
> Chivalric Combat: Companion to the Order of the Legions of Hell
> (colloquially, holders of this award would be known as "Hellions")  Badge: a
> black horse maned with and breathing fire.
> Combined Skill in Chivalric, Rapier and Archery Combat:  Companion to the
> Order of Cerberus (cooloquially, holders opf this award would be known as
> "Hell-Hounds").  Badge:  a three-headed dog.
> ==========================================
> Wow!  The possibilities are endless!  

Hey....can we call the knights beelze-bubbas?????

(still giggling over all this)

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