Ansteopality Revisited

Ray Katz scurlock at
Sun Oct 20 21:52:19 PDT 1996

Daniel De Lincoln wrote:

>Please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we have, a few years ago, a
>case in Texas where a child was taken from its mother partially
>because the mother's SCA paraphernalia was called "Satanic"?  I was
>told last year that a whacked-out preacher from El Paso triggered a
>police investigation of the SCA, based on charges of Satanism and
>"'medieval' has 'evil' in it".  And someone wants to formally *take* a
>Satanic name?  *You* try to rent a hall in South Texas for the
>coronation of the Prince of Hell and meeting of the Legions of Hell. I
>want to be playing Putt-Putt Golf several counties away at the time!

Your facts are close enough.  These incidents were serious enough to 
cause me to have to be flown to two board meetings at kingdom expense 
to advise the board on the situation.  I wasn't going to get into this, in the 
hope that this silly thread would just die on its own.  But, consider the 
damage that could be done to us if any of the persons you mention got 
hold of these missives.  We do not need to be even joking like this 
on an unsecure channel!   The guy in El Paso represents an 
organization that  IS very likely to be monitoring this forum, and 
trust me, he has NO sense of humor.   I suggest that we knock it off  
before we buy more grief.

                                      Jeremy, Lord High Chancellor 

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