Ansteopality Revisited

Heidi J Torres hjt at
Sun Oct 20 22:49:17 PDT 1996

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, dennis grace wrote:

> I enjoyed both Mistress Mari's and Sir Pendaren's suggestions, but I have a
> few questions.  First, if we're considering lions, we don't necessarily have
> to use variations on "land."  What about something like Champ des Lions or
> somesuch?  Also, would anyone have any objections to us appropriating the
> lions as a principality image?

Mari here.  Lots of kingdoms have lions both in their heraldry and named 
in their award structure.  Historically it's even more popular.  As for 
the Order of the Lion, I know that An Tir also has an Order of the Lion, 
patterned after the Ansteorran one.  The only problem I would foresee -- 
if the people wanted such a name and image -- would be in designing arms 
with a lion that would pass; which should be a lot easier now that we're 
not comparing against mundane heraldry anymore.  (Or, at least I think I 
heard we're not.)
> Second, I like this Hell idea.  Sort of.  Yeah, the heralds would have fits,
> and they'd never pass the name.  

Yeah, I guess it wouldn't do to have an area named "Hell" the next time some 
fire-n-brimstone fundamentalist starts pointing the finger at the SCA on 
the TV/radio/public access channel, etc.  But STILL....... it is fun.

Okay, so let's go with some of the adjunct
> analogues.  Regions with inhospitable climes have long been designated
> Devil's This and Hell's That and Such-and-Such Inferno.  Perhaps some
> creative and heraldically minded individual could name some such analogues
> that would both fit the area and allow us to play with the Hell concept for
> regalia and other principal accoutrements.  Perhaps, if we annex all the way
> down to La Marche Sauvage, we could allow the land's shape to guide our
> naming efforts and become the Devil's Horn (Cuerno del Diablo?) or the
> Devil's Hoof (Casco del Diablo?).

Ai, yo gusto!
> Still, if anyone can come up with the documentation to allow us to use Hell
> or a reasonable analogue like Tartarus--hey, go for it.

Infernally yours,


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