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>Lyonel here--stuck at home, broke.  
>I though this would be all over the list by now.  Does anyone have results
>yet from Crown Tournament?  Who won?  Who did anything else outstanding?  It
>is over by now, isn't it?  What devastating/spectacular things occured?
>Yours in Impatient Service
>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

Guten tag, Herr Lyonel! Dieter hier.

Of note, several fighters did spectacular things during the tourney:

 Sir Burke let his chivalry shine like the sun on more than one occassion as
he sacrificed an earned advantage. One blow that Mahadi struck him with was
so light it could barely be heard off the field, and yet he still
acknowledged it as a kill to the faceplate- vivat.

 Lord Brom, a left handed fighter from that area wearing purpure and or,
slight of stature but great of heart, gave His Royal Highness a trying bout.
He fought extremely well and must have been doing so for some time as he was
awarded his Sable Falcon that night in court. Mahadi must have been equally
impressed, as he gave Brom the award from his own belt. Brom was also one of
just four unbelted fighters to make it into the second round.  
 Sir Kief fought as hard as ever, only succumbing to Sir Mahadi in the
 Sir Barn bested everyone he faced until the semi-finals. You have to admire
a man who smiles through his bargrill all the way through Crown Tourney.
 Sir Konrad of Castleton fought like a lion all the way to the
quarter-finals. After our bout I must tell you that I am _sure_ that I know
_exactly_ what a redheaded stepchild must feel like.

There were many others who did well: Lord Theodric, Sir Gunther, Lord Talon
von Marrionburg, Sir Galen Niccoli, and Lord Maxmillian just to name a few.
Im sure others will have more to say, but these men stood out in my mind.

Im sorry that you missed it, Sir Lyonel- it was *by far* one of the cleanest
and most enjoyable Crown Tournaments that I have ever had the pleasure of

                                Auf Wiedersehen!


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