Crown Tournament

Keith Ewing keandbc at
Mon Oct 21 14:32:02 PDT 1996

Dieter wrote: 

> Lord Brom, a left handed fighter from that area wearing purpure and 
>slight of stature but great of heart, gave His Royal Highness a trying 
>He fought extremely well and must have been doing so for some time as 
he was
>awarded his Sable Falcon that night in court. Mahadi must have been 
>impressed, as he gave Brom the award from his own belt. Brom was also 
one of
>just four unbelted fighters to make it into the second round.  

Again, for clarity's sake. Brom fought me in the second round. He did 
not fight Mahdi at any point during the tourney. I am very pleased to 
hear that he received a Falcon. He is a worthy opponent.

I had mundane business at home early Sunday, so I left the site shortly 
after the tourney. I was sorry to miss court as I would have enjoyed 
seeing Lucase's Laurel, among other things.


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