Crown Tournament

Lori Jones LJONES at
Tue Oct 22 08:29:06 PDT 1996

>>> As far as i know,
>>>the 'Brom' in question has not yet achieved the rank of Master.....
>>>This Brom is blond haired, moustached, about as high as a fencepost, and
>>>fights like a hellcat. Anyone out there closer to him than I, correct my
>>>spelling and complete his name if you would. Thank you.

>>Lord Brom is squired to Sir Finn Kelly O'Donald.  Last I knew he lived
>>south of Namron.
>>Burke McCrory

>I believe his name is Brom O'Brian (or O'Brien).

>Zara Zina

Brom O'Brien (unless he's changed last names and not told anyone)
is another one of those mutant lefties (which makes him squiring to 
Count Finn quite appropriate).  His heraldry and surcote are 
primarily purple and black, and he uses a black heater shield in 
combat.  The O.P. shows he holds only a Thistle for metalwork 
prior to recieving his Sable Falcon last weekend.  He (and his 
lady) are two of the founding members of the now obsolete Incipient 
Shire of Loch Wyndt (Marlow &/or Chickasha, OK).  To my 
knowledge, they still live there.   I believe he's been active in the 
Northern Region for about six years now (give or take a year or 
two).   I hope this helps people put a face with his name.

In Service, 
Kat MacLochlainn
Sable Scroll to TRM 

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