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> A region that has a device and name registered with the COH is
> called a crown principality.  It is not an officially recognized
> Principality as defined in Corpora.  It can be done totally at the
> discretion of the Kingdom.

I was going to quote Corpora on this to back my memory ... but I can't
find *anything* in Corpora about crown principalities!  Wait, I take
that back: in the index of the 1995 printed edition is

    Crown Principality -- no reference; is informal regional
    organization set up by kingdom

I believe that, by tradition (which is all we have to go on), the
Crown is also usually styled as the Prince and Princess of <wherever>
ex officio.

In the July, 1991, Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns, a device
was returned for the Region of Avacal, primarily for lack of paperwork
(as I interpret it).  There was also

     While in the past arms have been registered to the regions of
     Ansteorra and Calontir, a number of commentors questioned whether
     this is a precedent we should still follow.  In a discussion with
     the Chairman of the Board of Directors, she recommended against
     the registration of the names and armory of regions.  Might we
     suggest that the region send in the paperwork for a change in
     status to that of principality?

Later, a device and a badge were registered in the name of the Crown
Principality.  Later still, it became a real principality.

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