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>Yours in Service to a Flame-Free Kingdom
>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

   I am a rank newbie. Been playing for a little over 6 months. I don't
understand why people like to throw flames and rumors around. Is it a lust
for power? Is it just plain spite? I see nothing honorable about it, and it
really seems to be a big problem. Sir Lyonel, I am not by any means
suggesting that you are one of these people. I am wondering however (I figger
you gots a white belt, you must be doing something right. Or at least done
something right at one time or another) if you could explain to me why people
in the Society seem to be as much or more anxious to step on their fellow
SCAdians for (this is the only reason *I* can think of) rank, honors, awards,

   I figure I'm going to get pounded for this and that's fine. I am really
frustrated by two problems I see at the events I go to... While all you
older, more experienced, nobility types are pounding, help me understand why:
   1. Vicious rumor mongering is such a widespread, almost uncontrollable

   2. Society members are so ready to crush others reputations with little or
no thought to what they are doing.

   3. I go to events and see people with all kinds of awards and "danglees"
walking about between courts and lists and things talking about the football
game, or what they watched on TV last Thursday, or (this gets my "Best
Cringe" award) what we did when my unit went to the field last week.

   And also, what can *I* do to help solve this problem. I see enough of this
that it seems we are nothing but people walking around in funny clothing all
weekend to fight with sticks/car antennas and then go get drunk at some party
around the fire. I'm at a loss. What should I do?  Sir Lyonel? Anybody?

William the Warthog
Cringing from the beating he is sure will soon be upon him...

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