Learning Latin

Deborah Sweet dssweet at Okway.okstate.edu
Wed Oct 23 10:22:17 PDT 1996

::GUNNORA:: wrote:

>Sentence diagramming held on until the late 1950's or maybe even the 
>60's in some places.  

Well, *I* first did sentence diagramming in 1972. Of course, this was 
out in western Oklahoma. That teacher was very good and, I think, we 
spent a 9-week session on this. The next year my family moved and I 
discovered that at this school they were only now starting to do 
diagramming. For the next two years the teachers kind-of touched upon 
sentence diagramming. I learned more about sentence diagramming that 
first year than the next three combined.

>It is a sad commentary on our educational system that most people don't 
>learn English grammar until they start learning another language.

I always felt that it was a complementary process. Learning one helped 
reinforce the other. And in some foreign languages it's easier to see (& 
hear) the differences, for example, in the case of a noun when the 
ending changes or when the article changes to indicate what case it's 
in. English just doesn't do that.


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