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Mike Baker mbaker at rapp.com
Wed Oct 23 14:39:00 PDT 1996

> Sentence diagramming [for English grammar & composition-Amra] held on
> until the late 1950's or maybe even the 60's in some places.

In Oklahoma school systems, even into the mid-70s at least 
(primary/secondary schools), with continuing usage at college levels into 
the early '80s.  At least this is what *I* experienced.  And have been 
grateful for ever since, although I have not "needed" to actually diagram a 
sentence for at least twenty years except to fulfill test requirements.

> It is a sad commentary on our educational system that most people
> don't learn English grammar until they sart learning another language.

I *DID* learn English grammar before beginning HS German classes, and that 
knowledge served me well both in understanding Der Deutscher woerte, but 
also how to put them together with at least a beginner's facility (and the 
fog of memory has probably led me to choose Der when I should have used Die 
or Das).  Knowledge of English grammar was essential when I began my Latin 

Hmmm.  Does anyone have suggestions for a human-readable-font Latin textbook 
/ teaching plan / ???? dated prior to 1650, written in a base language OTHER 
than Latin?

Related left-field-corner questions:
In nations other than England (or if illustrative even there), when did 
Latin and Greek really fall into disuse as the primary teaching languages?

When did French become entrenched as the diplomat's language?

In search of knowledge, as all proper bards should be,

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