Celtic Horned God

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at comp.uark.edu
Wed Oct 23 16:53:46 PDT 1996

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, I. Marc Carlson wrote:

> The real questions though are, how extensive do you want this information to
> be, and how appropriate is it to use religious symbology (that some people 
> living IN this Kingdom actually maintain as a portion of their religions) for
> a planned portion of an event?  I mean if people were planning to leave
> crucifixes hanging about during a feast, I'm sure *someone* would object...
Ok, I'm opening my mouth to a librarian in public, so I deserve what I

I've noticed that nearly anything can be, and often has been, a religious
symbol.  For instance, our own Cross of Calatrava has been a heraldic
problem due to a religious order in Europe, I believe.  What about all
those Cruisader crosses?  That's a part of my own religious history that
makes me flinch.  The chalice is part of the Host.  Wheat has been used by
many different religions.  Just as a start...

Someone always objects.  While I feel that if one can't show civility and
good taste, then close your mouth/etc and think, I am terrified of the
concept of the PC SCA (you weren't suggesting it, but I sorta see it on
the horizon).


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