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>Ok, I'm opening my mouth to a librarian in public, so I deserve what I

Shhhhhh!  Look it Up!  No Food or Drink in the Stacks!

There, happy?

>I've noticed that nearly anything can be, and often has been, a religious

This is quite true, and was the reason that I specified that the Horned
God symbology is, to my knowledge, given a certain reverence to by people
in this Kingdom.  If it wasn't part of a recognizable religious iconongraphy 
(specifically researched for that symbolism, I might add) I don't think that 
anyone would really care.  For example, "a guy wrestling with a many headed
dragon" covers a number of religious traditions, without specifically
reflecting any of them, as is "a guy wearing a lion skin", or "a guy
holding up a wheel".

Had she been looking for all instances in which a deity has horns, I would
not have necessarily said anything, since that would have covered not only
Cernunnos, but Pan, Satan, a variety of tribal religions as well as those
of a number of petroglyph leaving tribes from South Africa to Australia to
the caves of Paleolithic France.

>For instance, our own Cross of Calatrava has been a heraldic
>problem due to a religious order in Europe, I believe.  What about all
>those Cruisader crosses?  That's a part of my own religious history that
>makes me flinch.  The chalice is part of the Host.  Wheat has been used by
>many different religions.  Just as a start...

What about them?  Are you asking if I think that they are potentially 
inappropriate as well?  If it is, as I have had pointed out to me more often
than I care to remember, that the SCA prohibits "forcing" of one's religion
on one another, then yes, I feel that they are inappropriate, just as the
pentacle (all interpretations: Medieval, Gothic and Modern) is.  If the SCA
is interested in Historical Re-Creation, then no, they are entirely 
appropriate.  My only objection is trying to have one's cake and eating it

>Someone always objects.  While I feel that if one can't show civility and
>good taste, then close your mouth/etc and think, I am terrified of the
>concept of the PC SCA (you weren't suggesting it, but I sorta see it on
>the horizon).

It's been here for some time, since the first time someone decided "well,
we can't do THAT because we might offend someone/interfere with their fun".
Take in evidence the number of people who have publically chimed in on the 
"Heraldry" subject heading to ZaraZena's "They really ought to be nicer" 
message, as opposed to the ONE response I've gotten for my "Tough, Live
with it" message (and mine appears to have been negative) :)

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