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Vicki Marsh zarazena at io.com
Wed Oct 23 19:58:37 PDT 1996

Greetings Jovian,

>Isn't it odd, though, that the best judge of my icon is a man who only 
>has an AoA (Angus macConn mka Tom Wilson of Temple) He is a real life 
>iconographer and my teacher. 

I have seen this man's work.  It is a pity that he doesn't travel very much.  

>I would love to develop a set of standards to judge icons both to 
>educate my fellow artisans and also to make judging easier for tose 
>who have no experience with the artform.

*You* have the obligation to educate others about your chosen art form.
That's what teaching at King's College, Candlemas, etc. is all about.  Yes,
we do end up with the "Reader's Digest Condensed Version" of a particular
topic, but often I will attend a class only to follow up on more in-depth
research at a later time.  

>I'll be at the Laurels Prize Tourney in Steppes if you would like to 
>discuss this with me or you may e-mail me at the above address.

I realize that our two Baronies are very close and almost twins, but this
particular event is in the Barony of Elfsea (Downtown Ft. Worth). Tsk, Tsk,
Tsk, Jovian...and you are one of our Baronial Guard...;-)

BTW, this man is a font of knowledge about Byzantine history, armour,
politics, etc.  I couldn't believe it when he told me that he actually
*owns* a copy of "The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium" by Dumbarton Oaks.
Geesh...I count myself lucky to have it in the UTA library.

Zara Zina -  amateur Byzantine(and member of the Blue faction) and Baroness
of Elfsea

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