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Tim McDaniel tmcd at crl.com
Wed Oct 23 17:27:09 PDT 1996

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996 Sir Kief / stddly at SHSU.edu wrote:
> Rumors are a part of human society... However, we do strive to live
> up to certain ideals in the SCA. The problem is we're also
> human... Rumors are controlable...a suitable application of wisdom,
> knowledge, facts, and a closed mouth are the usual solutions...

Quite so.  I ascribe the prevalence of rumor in the SCA to two

1) small-group dynamics.

2) utterly lousy news dissemination.  SCA newsletters don't have news,
in my SCA experience; they mostly have date/time/event info, contact
info, research info, and not much else.  I've heard some post-event
reports at meetings, but most attendees don't talk at large about
their experiences and opinions, and the only printed event reports
I've ever seen was a "Rootie Kazootie" (sp?) column I saw once for a
few moments from an old Steppes Letter.

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