Celtic Horned God

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Wed Oct 23 21:47:01 PDT 1996

<Sigrid<SusanKFord at aol.com>>
>Actually, I don't know how the information will be used. Constance thought it
>would tie into the Stag field and we'll go from there. Personally, I'm just
>curious, myself. We're not going to put up a shrine or anything... (I don't

I'm certainly willing to supply references, when I can find them.

[Second Message]
>There were no objections to the stags at the field last year,  when all the
>women were dressed in Greek chitons and the stag was in reference to Artemis.

Yes, but Artemis is not a "stag". 

*WHY* isn't really important to me, other than the religious double 
standard in the SCA.  And, in supplying information, why is irrelevant
to me anyway.


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